50% KOREA, 50% SPAIN, 100% BERLIN.


Berlin is where various cultures come to play – people from all walks of life, from anywhere in the world, living their dreams and living their truth. Just like us: Bini Lee Zauner and José Miranda Morillo, your hostess and head chef.. Hailing from South Korea and Spain, respectively, we bring to our fine city a radically authentic and unique cuisine – one that is neither strictly Korean nor Spanish, but 100% our own. And 100% Berlin.

At Kochu Karu, we invite you to sample delicious creations inspired by traditional Korean and Spanish methods of preservation, long-held childhood memories or whatever we find new and inspiring. No matter whether it’s Brandenburg fennel prepared kimchi-style with saffron or Banderillas with cucumber, anchovy and chili – expect a delightful and creative take on product-focussed cooking.

If you’re looking for your run-of-the-mill tapas, soy sauce orgies or vinegar kimchi, you might want to give Kochu Karu a miss. But come with an open mind and we’ll happily take you into a journey into our world of flavours, colours, associations and stories.


Like both our cultures of origin, we are all about respecting each individual ingredient. After all, the greatest joy is to be found in simple things that come to shine through careful preparation.

So what’s cooking at Kochu Karu?

Basically whatever we love and what we cannot wait to share with you. You’ll regularly find fish and seafood on our menu – staples of both Spanish and Korean food – but we’re just as enthusiastic about great vegetables.

We work closely with producers in and around Berlin to source and develop the most interesting and flavourful produce. So even if you think you know all there is to know about cabbage and carrots – come to Kochu Karu and discover them anew!


There is another way in which Kochu Karu marks the meeting of different cultures. While José has worked as a professional chef since 1987, it was only with the opening of Kochu Karu in 2012 that Bini made her debut on the gastronomic stage. Right up until then, she had been working as an opera singer in some of Europe’s most renowned concert halls.

Although she appears as affable and sweet as her soubrette vocal range, Bini is full of courage and character. That, too, shows in the wine list Bini – now a fully certified sommelière – has curated for Kochu Karu. For her, it’s not about prestige or hipness in picking out the right bottles, but to find pairings that perfectly complement José’s cooking, bringing out facets, flavours and perspectives you might otherwise miss.

Both Bini and José believe that both professional cooking and singing are 99% craftsmanship and perhaps 1% art. Food, like music, requires a clear vision that is executed through skill and finesse. As the quiet thinker behind the scenes, José brings both curiosity and experience, both knowledge and infinite inquisitiveness into his kitchen. But this is all just a taster of who we are and what we’re about. Come and see for yourself at Kochu Karu!

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Field crop / Marko Seibold​

"Nature knows best," says Marko Seibold of Feldfrucht. From his wonderful garden farm in Syke/Henstedt, we receive old vegetable varieties and special herbs all year round, which Marko carefully sows and harvests by hand - without large machines, fertilizers pushed for performance or anything else. Simply outstanding quality that ends up in our kitchen within 24 hours of harvest. And shortly thereafter on your plate. Translated with (free version)

Our favorite product from Marko:
Potato (old varieties), French carrot, oat root, wood sorrel, burdock root, burdock sprouts, lamb's lettuce, cresses, shallots.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

It all started in the eatery on Friedrichstraße, where Nobelhart & Schmutzig, under head chef Micha Schäfer and landlord Billy Wagner, has been serving up "brutally local" fare since 2015. In the meantime, the Michelin-starred restaurant offers a range of handcrafted, uncompromisingly high-quality products for home, some of which we don't want to deprive you of here at Kochu Karu.

Our favorite product from Nobelhart & Schmutzig: Caramelized hazelnuts with juniper, onion jam.

Wolkensteiner Hof

With a lot of creativity and dedication, Uwe Maschke grows the best vegetables and herbs on his Wolkensteiner Hof in Groß Kreutz. On an area of one hectare, old varieties, tasty rarities and well-known favorites grow and thrive in a quality that is second to none. By his own account, his customers are the best chefs in the region. We appreciate Uwe not only as a producer of the best food, but also as a taste expert who is just as eager to experiment, and with whom we have already been able to develop some exciting things. Translated with (free version)

Our favorite product from Uwe:
Yellow beet, oat root, Jerusalem artichoke, lemon verbena, cabbage sprouts, field mustard, potato, radish sprouts.

Odefey & Töchter

If you want good chicken in northern Germany, there's simply no way around Odefey & Töchter. What Lars Odefey does there in the Lüneburg Heath has absolutely nothing to do with conventional chicken fattening - certainly not in terms of taste. His old-breed chickens spend most of their lives in the outdoor coop, scratching, running, wallowing, building up strong muscle meat and are also slaughtered on the farm itself. That's pioneering animal husbandry for a pioneering taste. Translated with (free version)

Our favorite product from Odefey & Daughters: Quite simply - the whole chicken!

25 Teiche​

In der Nähe von Rostock befindet sich in ursprünglicher Natur das Quellareal, aus dem die namensgebenden 25 Teiche der Fischerei unseres Vertrauens gespeist werden. Ja, alle Teiche und Gewässer werden ständig von mildem Frischwasser durchflossen. Nicht nur schafft dies optimale Lebensbedingungen für die Fische, sondern lässt sich ebenso geschmacklich nachvollziehen – und ist bei dem, was sonst so aus der Massenfischerei und Industriekühlern daherkommt, kaum selbstverständlich. Nach alter Handwerkskunst und mit Respekt für Tier und Natur erzeugen 25 Teiche so Frisch-, Räucherfisch und Kaviar, den wir keinesfalls missen möchten.

Our favorite product from 25 ponds: char, sturgeon, trout



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Wir sind immer für Sie da. Es sei denn, wir haben zu. denn, wir haben zu.


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Erholt, frisch, mit voller Kraft (und ein, zwei Gläsern Schaumwein) )voraus!

Wie das frische Gemüse im Spätsommer haben auch wir reichlich Sonnenkraft getankt und starten bestens gelaunt in die neue Saison.

Malees neu ausgewählte Weine aus Portugal, Spanien sowie spannende koreanische Reisweine begleiten fantastische, neue Gerichte von Sora Seo.

Ab September öffnen wir für Euch auch wieder Dienstag ab 18:00.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!


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