Winemaker evening with winery Gross

On Friday, 11th of March 2022 , at 7:30pm

Unique, artisan terroir wines from breathtaking steep slopes:
This is what the small GROSS winery from southern Styria stands for. And we are very pleased to introduce
to personally introduce our guests to the young winemakers behind these wines.
Together with Martina and Johannes Gross, we invite you to an exclusive winemaker’s evening.
The two friendly winemakers will present their single-vineyard wines and whisk you away to their Styrian vineyards for an evening.
To match the wines, we offer the following 5-course menu:
Greeting from the kitchen
Trout “25 ponds”, brook cress, chipotle
Mieral duck – pickled tartar, radish, verjus
Henstedt burdock root, porcini mushroom, field bean, lemon balm pesto
Holstein beef, shiitake, green Sancho pepper jus
Currant sorbet, hazelnut, oat crisp
*Petit Fours
A vegetarian menu is possible with advance reservation.
The menu costs 150,00 € per person
(wines, water & all non-alcoholic drinks included)

Summer In SOuth Korea

From 03.07.2022 our restaurant will be closed until the 27th of July.

We are travelling to Korea and will also meet Master Jeongkwan there.

Whoever thinks we are just on holiday there is mistaken though: José will once again support Jeongkwan in the temple and get inspired by her.

By the way, the hours of squatting work require daily stretching exercises in the bamboo forest. Not for rusty bones! 

Sommer in Südkorea

Chunjinam, Baekjang Temple
Normally, the summer heat wave doesn’t start until mid-July in Korea. But climate change does not stop at Korea. The temperatures rise earlier and earlier and last longer. Even at night it doesn’t really cool down.
Fortunately, we are in the mountains, because the high temperatures are easier to bear here than in Seoul. It even rained last night and José enjoys the wonderfully cool air in the morning and at the same time the indescribably beautiful view
down into the valley. 

Here in Korea, the clocks tick differently.
Sometimes turbulent and sometimes totally slow…
We send you relaxed holiday greetings!

So-called jang (장), which means paste or sauce, ripens in these clay pots. In Korea, deonjang (a kind of miso paste) and ganjang (soy sauce) are traditionally made somewhat differently than in Japan. At the temple, both are prepared from a fermented block of soy (메주) without losing the raw materials. This gentle process has already started in April and their surface has to be maintained and checked daily. Some pots are washed,
disinfected in the sun and then they wait for their next use.